Over one third of the world’s population is over weight which accounts for almost 2.1 billion people. This number is more than doubled from 1980 when there were 857 million people over weight or obese. These numbers should concern you as much as they concern us.

Weight loss is a term we so often here amongst our friends, family and colleagues each and every day. It is usually a term that is synonymous with holidays, vacations, or New Year’s resolutions. It is also a term that some people dread because they enjoy eating anything and everything, especially items that are not good for your health.

Taking care of your body and your health is more important today than ever before. People are trying harder to stick to some form of diet or program but get discouraged when they do not see results. That’s why we developed our unique system of products and lifestyle changes, specializing in appetite control and fast results. Basically, there are three types of fats in the body:

  • Structural fat: These give support to the organs in your body
  • Normal fat: A ‘fuel reserve’ of energy which your body can access in times of severe trauma or when the nutritional intake from intestinal tract is insufficient.
  • Excess/Stored fat: Unwanted, unsightly and dangerous.

When using our products, all of which are comprised of the best natural ingredients, be sure you follow our dietary suggestions as well for best results in a quicker time!